About Us

Maslak’s Black Belt Academy is a martial arts school located in sunny Stuart, FL. Our Academy teaches self-defense and life skills to children and adults of all ages in a safe, clean, family-friendly environment. We hope that you continue reading about our journey and join us soon as we continue learn and grow together in the martial arts.

over 25 years of self-defense experience

The journey of the Black Belt Academy started many years ago when Grandmaster Reed began her own training in martial arts while studying exercise physiology in college.  Grandmaster took to the art immediately and her Master instructors saw something in her that they knew they could not contain.  Her ability to teach others was unparalleled to those who came before her and they suggested that she open her own school.  She eventually took that advice when she moved to CT and started teaching students out of a homemade dojo in the basement of her two-story house when she wasn’t training and continuing to grow herself.  Among her very first students, was her daughter, now Sensei Maslak.  Sensei Maslak trained under Grandmaster Reed from the very start, in the basement dojo, and continued with its growth into a three-story building in the center of town.  During that time Sensei Maslak trained in the art of Taekwondo, instructed classes, performed on the Demo Team serving her local community, and competed in state and national form and sparring tournament championships.

Fast forward to today where Grand Master Amy Reed moved the dojo to Stuart, FL, and developed a style that is based on ancient traditions and techniques yet modern enough to incorporate real world applications for today’s day and age, the style of Oh Ryung Hon.  Sensei Maslak continued to train under this new and unparalleled style advancing through the ranks to a fourth-degree black belt.  Sensei Maslak has been an instructor in this style for over a decade and now has the honor of owning the Martial Arts Academy that Grandmaster Reed founded. 

For those of us lucky enough to have trained with Grandmaster as students and instructors alike, we continue to do our best to live the values and principles taught to us and pass them on to a new generation of martial artists.  These values of respect, honor, tradition, and Black Belt Excellence are needed in life and we work hard everyday to fulfill the mission set before us by Grandmaster which is to “Improve Our Community One Black Belt at a Time.”

We hope you join us on this journey of excellence

More about our style

At Maslak’s Black Belt Academy, we teach the Oh Ryung Hon (pronounced O-young-hone).  At its core, Oh Ryung Hon is a mid-range style of taekwondo, but it is so much more than that. Oh Ryung Hon encompasses a blend of several self-defense practices from neighboring arts, which add close-quarters and ground defense to the mix.  These additions create a balanced arsenal of defense that is unique to Oh Ryung Hon practitioners.

Oh Ryung Hon Taekwondo goes beyond just self-defense.  When you sign up to become a member, you and/or your child will develop life skills, such as stress and anger management, positive self-esteem, focus, and self-discipline which will help in the achievement of goals both inside and outside of the dojo/training area.  Continued training improves mental and physical fitness, weight loss, muscle strengthening, enhanced flexibility, and improved cardiovascular condition.  The skills and benefits that come from training in Oh Ryung Hon Taekwondo can lead to an improved life at any age.  That said, we know that the youth learns differently than our adults so have created three “age-specific” groups to take advantage of the best methods of teaching for each group.

The Little Dragons program (ages 3-6) follow specific drills that are designed to develop the motor skills and focus necessary for more advanced karate training.

The Karate Kids program (ages 7-13) continues to fine-tune the development of these motor skills up through advanced levels of training.  The focus is also placed on the development of life success skills, including the ability to focus, set and reach goals, and interact with other people, as well as develop the other building blocks needed to set patterns for success in future aspirations.

In our Adult program (ages 14 and up), as well as our Dragon and Karate Kids classes, improvement in fitness levels are inevitable.  By its very nature, Oh Ryung Hon Taekwondo provides exercises that tone and develop the body’s muscles, including the heart.  The stances, movements, and techniques also increase flexibility, which aides in injury prevention and the meditative side increases brain function as well as an overall sense of peace and well-being. Our adults have access to 4 classes a week. On Tuesday our adults train in muay Thai and Ju Jitsu defense styles, while on Wednesday and Thursdays we teach the traditional Taekwondo and Karate style that Oh Ryung Hon is centered on. Monday is a split class with those who want to focus on Taekwondo training on one side and those who want to train in the mixed arts on the other. Testings are held on the last Thursday of each cycle in a group setting, however a testing can be scheduled privately if desired.

Our MMA Program (ages 14 and up) allow adults who don’t necessarily want to train in the traditional styles of Taekwondo and karate, to still train in martial arts with a class geared towards Muay Thai and Ju Jitsu self-defenses.  Classes for this program are held on Monday and Tuesdays and rank tests will be held at the end of each cycle in class. 

If you are looking to improve your physical fitness while refining your concentration skills, stress management, and more, sign up for our martial arts classes online or on location in sunny Stuart, FL

NOTE:  Self defense, safety awareness, and life skills are emphasized over competition in all of our self-defense classes.  Our goal is to provide all of our martial arts students with the tools they need to lead safe and productive lives, as well as the knowledge of how to use these tools most effectively to reach their goals.  Sign up today to start your training or schedule a tour for more information.

New Student Membership


Our new student club membership includes 10 weeks of unlimited self-defense classes with a $70 uniform included. After your initial 10 weeks of martial arts training, you may train month-to-month with no term obligation!

Our martial arts classes classes are customized to specific age groups so that our students get the best training possible. We keep a 10:1 ratio so that students get the individual attention they need to excel in their self-defense training.

Click the link below to go to our interactive calendar, where you can schedule a free trial class or sign up for any of the programs we offer at our martial arts school in Stuart.

*second family member discounted 25%
*third/fourth family membership discounted 50%