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all of our special events and seminars / camps are designed for you!

Scroll down to find the camp/event/seminar that you are seeking to register for!  Whether it be parent’s night out, summer camp, women’s self-defense, or a child’s birthday party, we are here to play host to many extra events/seminars throughout the year.  If you have a new event idea or a group that wants a private seminar like our “women’s self defense clinic”, please click the contact page and reach out to us anytime.  We love providing you with opportunities to grow in the martial arts and beyond.


Martial art skills, team building activities, leadership training and so much more!  No experience necessary to participate and have fun.  All activities are taught in a safe environment by certified instructors.  Camp itinerary will be provided before the first day of camp.  Register early as our camps fill up quickly.

weapon clinics

In these clinics, instructors at The Black Belt Academy will teach techniques and self defense using common martial arts weapons such as the nunchuckas or bo.  Students of the Academy are required to complete two levels for each weapon that we train in before given permission to test for their Black Belt.  Clinics are the perfect opportunity for completing that requirement.  Non-members are welcome to sign up for our clinics as well and will enter in at at Level 1.  You can register by clicking the interactive calendar button below or by logging in through your Member Portal if you are a current member of the Academy.

Testing Registration Form

women's self defense

Our women’s self-defense clinic covers easy-to-learn, effective self-defense tactics designed specifically for women.

This self-defense class was developed by GrandMaster Amy Reed. See Grandmaster Reed’s bio under the About Grandmaster Reed tab to learn more about her qualifications as the course developer. The course is taught by Sensei Nicole Maslak who has been training under GrandMaster Amy Reed for over 25 years.  It is designed for women ages 10 and up and is held at our school located in Stuart, FL.  Check out the Interactive Calendar to see when the next clinic is scheduled, and register online, over the phone, or in person at the Academy.

To schedule a private group clinic, please contact Maslak’s Black Belt Academy directly by texting or calling 772-631-9313.  We can work with your schedule to secure a date and time that works for you.

women's self defense


All of our Birthday parties are held on Sundays from 11am-1pm.  Includes 45 minutes of instructor run activities.  Party information, pricing, and bookings can be done by calling the Academy at



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