Program Overview

Oh Ryung Hon is the style of Taekwondo taught at Maslak’s Black Belt Academy in Stuart, FL.  (See the About Us section for more information about Oh Ryung Hon.)  Through many years of teaching and constant refinement of the programs, Sensei Maslak has developed ways to get the best out of all of our students.  One of those ways was to design three separate curricula each specific to its own age group. 

Our Little Dragons program was designed for students aged 3-6 who learn best through fun, game-type activities.  Each teaching segment is short enough to keep the student’s attention, yet long enough to work the basic motor skills needed for more advanced training.  Positive reinforcement is used throughout each class with awards given for the achievement of specific goals.  Our walk with the Little Dragon is one in which we help each student cross the finish line so they learn what it feels like to have worked diligently toward the achievement of a goal.

Our Karate Kids program was designed for students aged 7-13 who also learn best through fun, game-type activities, yet appreciate the competitive spirit and constant improvement of their own abilities.  The teaching segments are a little longer and involve more advanced concepts.  Our walk with the Karate Kid is less “hand-holding” and more guiding in nature.  Positive reinforcement is also used with this group with higher expectations than that of the Little Dragon.  Knowing what it feels like to have achieved a goal through self-motivation and their own work ethic is something we work hard to instill into the heart and mind of the Karate Kid.  

Our Adults program was designed for students aged 14 and up who learn best through repetition and a pure desire to improve upon one’s own skills.  We understand that our adults need a training environment unique to their specific needs which is why we train them apart from the younger students who require more changes in activity and a higher level of stimulation.  That is not to say that our adults have less fun.  They simply have a different type of fun that comes from developing Black Belt Excellence while entertaining a camaraderie once found in social clubs of a past generation.  

Our MA FIT program (Martial Arts Fitness) was designed for members who desire to get a good martial arts workout without having to commit to learning the forms, weapons, and self-defenses needed to move up through the ranks.  No uniform, belts, or gear are required for this class.  No prior knowledge of martial arts is necessary either.  All that is required for this class is you and your willingness to work hard and sweat!  This class is great for building muscle, gaining endurance, and increasing flexibility!

little dragons

The Little Dragons program (ages 3-6) follow specific drills that are designed to develop the motor skills and focus necessary for more advanced karate training.

Karate Kids

The Karate Kids program (ages 7-13) continues to fine-tune the development of these motor skills up through advanced levels of training.  The focus is also placed on the development of life success skills, including the ability to focus, set and reach goals, and interact with other people, as well as develop the other building blocks needed to set patterns for success in future aspirations.


In our Adult program (ages 14 and up), as well as our Dragon and Karate Kids classes, improvement in fitness levels are inevitable.  By its very nature, Oh Ryung Hon Taekwondo provides exercises that tone and develop the body’s muscles, including the heart.  The stances, movements, and techniques also increase flexibility, which aides in injury prevention and the meditative side increases brain function as well as an overall sense of peace and well-being.