Online academy

Train within the comfort of your own home!

Grandmaster Reed has filmed over 150 training videos that bring students from the beginning stages of learning how to tie on a white belt and throw a proper front kick to executing a reverse figure eight with a pair of nunchucks and breaking boards to earn a First Degree Online Black Belt.  With videos that teach blocks, strikes, kicks, and combinations, you can train just like the students in the physical dojo do.  Self defense maneuvers are mixed in along with forms and weapons training.  Our in-school members enjoy these videos as a supplement to their physical training with us, but you can enjoy all the same training within the comfort of your own home.  Buy a uniform at our online store to become even more of a martial artist!  Click below to be taken directly to the online training portal.

This one-minute video is a sample of the style of teaching done throughout the course lineup.  The average length of the online training videos is 10 minutes!  There is such an advantage to being able to stop, rewind, and fast forward to the parts that matter most to you.  That’s something that just can’t take place in a traditional teaching environment.  We hope you consider becoming a student of the online school whether you are located here in Stuart, FL or anywhere else on the planet.  For those of you who would like a combination of in-class training along with the online courses, check out our Programs page for more information.